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Full range of polymers PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, P.P, PS, PVC, PC & PET - We offer virgin materials and recycled plastic from scrap, Best plastic & polymers quality, Efficient purchasing business model at competitive prices.


Meeting your needs

Your needs are important to us, We go through them step by step, To help you choose your suitable material with accurately matched specifications.

We believe that our key of success lays in providing a long and simple process of business, Supported by knowledge and precise information exchange.

Our aim is to achieve a win-win long term business relationship while consulting you on market trends, Latest news , Exhibitions and assays of plastic materials.

We pride ourselves with 18 years of Experience in Plastic export, Technical background, Developed teamwork & And doing business with the biggest multinational plastic companies and manufacturers.


Export Service

At El Safwa Plastic – We offer a wide range of recycled plastic materials including High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) in every type, form and color. Film HDPE, Injection HDPE ,Blown HDPE, Film LDPE, Injection LDPE, Blown LDPE and The best polypropylene P.P raw materials (Injection - Blown - Recycled)

Product Quality
Product Quality
We have a dedicated specialized team in quality control and product export inspection to ensure a sustainable high quality product level. Our Plastic raw materials quality comes first at El Safwa For Plast and based on fundamental principles to serve the best quality to our customers and partners.
Our Partners
Our Partners
We currently serving customers and partners in many industrial fields in most world countries in order to fulfill the huge world market demand for recycled plastic and plastic raw materials taking into account our commitment to plastic material quality, Secure and accurate product dispatch and reliable shipping routes.
Logistics & Shipping
Logistics & Shipping
We have assigned the best personnel in our logistics and shipping department, Our team is well aware of all shipping systems and highly performing in the everyday handling and cargo air/marine shipping process to reflects positively in the shipping costs by reducing it to the lowest prices.

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