Due to the great importance of the plastic industry, which is one of the most important economic sectors in the local or global markets, the attention of dealers in this sector of the makers or traders or economic analysts are moving monthly towards companies producing plastic materials to follow the lists of prices of plastic materials for these companies because it is indicative of market trends and specific L Plastic Prices Factory.

The Arab region and especially the Gulf region are characterized by the presence of many major companies producing plastic materials such as SABIC, Borough, EQUATE, and many more.

The prices of plastic materials have been relatively steady from August to September 2018.
Where the prices of (LDPE) plastic materials have dropped slightly.

While the prices of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic materials and the prices of PP plastic materials have been relatively stable in price.
While the prices of PS plastic materials have risen slightly.

This relative stability in the prices of plastic raw materials is reflected in the stability of the markets of plastic products and the prices of plastic manufactured and therefore the prices of plastic reflected stability on the markets of products based on plastic products in packaging.