It has become a fact that can not deny one of the utmost importance of plastic products for the human being, it is a day only to deal with many people of plastic products because they meet the needs necessary for human.

Examples of plastic products or plastics are included as a basic ingredient that man deals with:
Chairs, tables, water bottles and juices, oil bottles, detergent and shampoo bottles, yogurt boxes, baby bottles, shopping bags, pharmaceutical bottles, creams, syringes, water tanks, water pipes, drainage pipes and irrigation. Cars, toys, household appliances, woven scarves, lighting poles, office tools, external parts of some electrical and electronic devices, etc.. These are some of the products and it is difficult to limit all the rest of the products whose plastic components are included as a basic material.

To this extreme importance of plastic products has received great attention from many categories:
1 – Researchers and interested in the environment and human health:
To study the properties of these plastic materials and plastic products and their impact on human health and the environment.
2- Economists and businessmen:
Plastic industries are among the largest industrial sectors in the world.
3- Consumer audience:
Because they are the end user of these plastic products.

The plastics industry is divided into two main parts:

 1: Preparation of polymers (plastic raw materials)

Petrochemical plants convert crude oil to monomers by chemical reactions under suitable conditions of temperature, pressure and catalysts. Monomers are then converted into polymers in standard forms such as powders and granules.

2: Formation of the final product

By means of known industrial methods such as: injection, blowing, drawing, etc.
These plastic products are for direct use such as toys, chairs and tables, or are used in the packaging industry for other industrial sectors such as food, beverages, medicines or detergents.

In the stage of manufacturing finished plastic products, some additives can be added to the plastic materials to improve the properties, and additives: tonics, fillers, plasticizers, colors.

It should be noted that plastic products are divided into:
Thermal Plastic Products, Which can be melted and re manufactured after production such as plastic bags and bottles.
And Non-thermal plastic products, This type of plastic material, after its formation, is transformed into non-molten material that can not be softened and reconstituted such as phenol resins or urea formaldehyde resins.  (This type is used in the packaging of electric wires and dowry handles.)

Some examples of plastic raw materials are commonly used, and examples of some plastic products used in their industries are:

Polyethylene Polyethylene

Symbolized by PE
There are several types of density, and the most famous:
A- High Density Polyethylene
It is symbolized by HDPE
It is safe and recyclable and is used in the manufacture of toys, shampoo packs, creams and baby bottles for babies.
B- Low Density Polyethylene
It is symbolized by LDPE
It is safe and recyclable and is used in the manufacture of shopping bags and some bottles.
C- Low-density polyethylene linear polyethylene
It is symbolized by LLDPE
It is safe and recyclable and has the advantage of LDPE with greater tensile strength and can manufacture less classical thickening chips. It is especially used in the packaging and manufacture of plastic chips due to its flexibility and relative transparency.

Polyethylene Trephthalate

It is symbolized by PET
It is the kind that makes mineral water bottles and edible oils.
It is a safe and recyclable disposable product used.

Polypropylene Polypropylene

Symbolized by the symbol PP
It is one of the best types of plastic, so it is widely used in food storage containers, bottles used more than once, and drinking water pipes.

Polyvinyl Chloride

It is symbolized by PVC
It is used recently in the construction industries and the manufacture of doors and windows for its durability and the possibility of coloring.
It is recommended not to be used with food.

Polystyrene Polystyrene

It is symbolized by the symbol PS
It is characterized by heat insulation and sound insulation so the panels are made Polystyrene  (foam) in the construction processes and in the maintenance of household appliances from shocks and heat. But it is harmful to human health if used in making coffee cups or keeping hot foods.